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This is a placeholder for a new blahg where I plan to refocus and consolidate all of my work. In the meantime, enjoy...


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For original poetry and fiction.

Also worth noting: following publication of my Asteroids fanfiction, Festival Among the Rocks, written when I was 13, I was long ago fanfic'd myself by a mysterious individual known as The Grandiloquent Demagogue.

At one point, TGD and I exchanged e-mail and did a bit of world-building. This became the "Static Space" page on TV Tropes, which is now deprecated but still available at DarthWiki (not maintained or edited by me). The simple fact is that life as a confused twentysomething intervened, and I abandoned the work because I didn't know where I wanted the story to go. Guilt at abandoning this universe may one day get the better of me. When that day at last arrives, I may retcon and Lucas-ize it even further.

Until then, it's neat that I can say I've been fanfic'd. Shout out to TGD.

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